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Professional customized training for those seeking an internally motivated companion with consistent - fluid obedience, in and out of the home- under all circumstances.


Our program is built around each canine as an individual, yielding behavior and obedience rooted in confidence, resilience and balance to better serve as personal, family and or performance pets. Most importantly, our training further develops owner-handler skills.


Additionally we specialize in serving breeders and professionals in the working - sporting world in every way; we offer professional and experienced training and handling, performance - work training, owner-handler training, resources and more.

Mon-Sun 6am-10pm | 803-814-7802

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or Performance/ Work training??

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For those looking into professional training for your personal or family pet(s) we offer 3 effective programs; Board+Train, In-Home and complete online training.  Methods rooted in almost 30 years of experience; providing full support and guidance through customized sessions tailored to your pets individual learning style and goals, and your lifestyle. All lessons are founded in solid "handler" (owner) training- meaning you are educated and trained to be a confident owner-handler.

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803-814-7802 6am-10pm 


CLICK HERE TO VISIT SITE For work, trials, protection and specialty

If you're seeking specialized training for performance and or competition needs such as; conformation/show, sporting, working, protection, mental+physical conditioning for competition readiness, service "task" training we offer tailored board+training, one on one "location" training, handler training, trainer training, ring side handling, and compete online training as well, in addition to a global and reputable network of resources.




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803-814-7802 6am-10pm 

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