Amber S Stanley

Professional all breed Trainer - Founder

Amber S. Stanley started showing in the AKC in 1989. By 1994 she had won many awards in the Junior showmanship programs and other programs held by various conformation and obedience associations- specializing as a German Shepherd handler. She was one of few, known as the youngest paid "all breed" professional handlers. 


From there she became a specialty handler, showing for many leading and established breeders, judges and owners across the nation that traveled to Texas. In 2000 she began her own private practice in obedience training and handling offering her expertise to individuals, kennels, boarding facilities, professional handlers, individuals and families.

Additionally she trains individuals who are seriously interested in becoming high standard trainers and who want to be part of canine/human communication and relationship betterment concepts. She has worked on curricula and programs in many well known pet organizations.

With over 28 years of hands-on experience- She has continued learning, educating and teaching her methods and philosophies over the years. She is the developer of Integrated Dog Training and has merged mindset coaching with canines. Amber takes a powerful intuitive approach that  builds on the dogs natural desire to please and learn. Developing a well balanced internally motivated companion of confidence with a drive to please and of profound etiquette. 

Holly "Earthworm" Carraway

Professional all breed Trainer | assistant trainer

Holly has forever fostered a love for animals. Her beginnings in working with horses opened her up to a rich in-depth understanding of animals, instincts and patience. She brings a tough, fun and energetic, lively yet gentle, compassionate style to the field. She EARNED her nickname while training with friends at their highly respected working dog club in Texas. Holly was eagerly learning to "catch" dogs that day (this is a term in regards to bite-work training and routines working dogs are training in). It was raining, she didn't have the right gear, she fell over, and over, and over again from the impact (of which can be brutal at times). It was cold, she was shivering, wet, winded and determined to learn, grow and ... stay on her feet lol ... she continued to fall AND GET BACK UP;  it was that day the club owners coined Holly, "Earthworm". You see it wasn't just that she kept falling and ending up in the dirt like an earthworm, it was the respect she earn from her love of the sport, her drive, heart, determination, effort and spirit. It is an absolute honor to have a have a person like Holly "Earthworm" on board. Holly continues to work with some of the most experienced working dog handlers/trainers in the world.

Aside from enjoying the working fields, she has became a respected "all breed" obedience trainer, and rehabilitation/behavior modification specialist. She works with puppies thru adults, all ages and all stages.


Additionally she enjoys the conformation-show ring. She trains, shows and handles her own dog, Blue Notes "Dream Catcher". Look for them at the top! 

Holly is a gentle and caring trainer, positive yet intuitive, she brings a respectful and respectable mindset that gives space to individuality, helping dogs learn, grow, thrive, develop confidence and live as happy companions in and outside of their homes.


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